The idea stems from the main difference between the two founders of VATICAN PIXEL APARTMENTSĀ®: Leonardo and Serena. The first thinks a little too much, the result of a thorough research of things that leads him to linger a lot to understand which is the best way to follow. The second, on the contrary, acts following instinct, sure that what she does is always the best choice.
We found a certain similarity in the relationship between the two major philosophers of the Hellenistic-Greek age: PLATO and ARISTOTELE. The first, thanks to a research of thought, conceives the “world of Ideas”, a perfect world reachable thanks to an elevation of the thought itself. Aristotle on the other hand takes up the world of ideas of Plato, his teacher, to better study the humanā€™s world and it is no coincidence that he is considered the first true scientist.
The two philosophers are the two undisputed protagonists of Raphael’s fresco THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS (image below) in which the contrast between these two great philosophers is beautifully represented: Plato / Leonardo is depicted with his arm raised while pointing his finger to the sky, indicating that “world of Ideas” he theorized; vice versa Aristotle / Serena is portrayed with an open hand pointing forward to indicate that the object of his investigation is the real world.
Plato and Aristotle together with the other philosophers and scholars want to help you choose the perfect apartment for you, making you rediscover the love for philosophy and culture that we are slowly seeing disappear.

The name of the company also plays a very important role, in fact itā€™s what connects every philosopher with an apartment.
PIXEL combines VATICAN with APARTMENTS, but what is a pixel? A pixel is the smallest element of a scanned image. We have allowed ourselves to broaden this concept: each philosopher is the smallest part, therefore a pixel, of the fresco “The School of Athens” (present precisely in the Vatican Museums) as well as each apartment is the smallest part of our company.

Let us remember that it is not only brushstroke that makes the picture but the whole of them.

From Raphael's Rooms of the Sacred Palaces to...

The School Of Athens

We inspired by the past to create a unique and personal style. A fascinating journey that will make you discover the thought of the greatest philosophers in a whole new light. You will find that the one that best suits your needs. To find out more, visit our unusualĀ Concept.Ā THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS (1509)Ā Vs La VATICAN PIXEL APARTMENTS (2016)

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